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Fingerprint Solutions

A trusted identification method for 2 millennium.

Fingerprints have been a trusted identity measurement since the Qin Dynasty, 200BC. Today, IDEMIA sets the benchmark for fingerprint identification technology – managing over 4 billion fingerprints worldwide - and offers an exceptional range of superior fingerprint readers designed to meet the diverse security and operational requirements in today’s business landscape.


Meet the IDEMIA MorphoWave Compact

Leading the world in touchless fingerprint technology.

The IDEMIA MorphoWave Compact is a powerful, touchless multi-fingerprint scanning device that leverages advanced AI to identify users with maximum speed and security.


Hygienic and safe fingerprint scanning


High ingress capacity; up to 60/min


Multi-factor (fingerprints, card, mobile) 


More details on the MorphoWave Compact:

Diverse conditions:

Fingerprint quality:

Precise fingerprints:

Versatile configuration:

Superior reliability:

User capacity:

Transaction capacity:

Storage capacity:

Dimensions (H*W*D):

Device weight:

Contactless reader options:

Use in indoor and outdoor environments (IP65)

Accurately scans damaged fingers

3D-scan of four fingerprints in < 1 second

Mount on walls, turnstiles, gates, pedestals

Equipped with anti-fraud technology

Up to 100,000 users, or unlimited w/ Biode software

Up to 1 million transaction logs on device

16GB Flash, 2GB RAM

250*152*216 mm

2.2 kg

Prox, iClass, MIFARE/DESFire, SEOS, HID mobile access

Meet the IDEMIA SIGMA Range

A series of six highly versatile fingerprint devices.

The IDEMIA SIGMA Range is a suite of products designed for superior performance across diverse operational applications.


Cutting-edge technology - accuracy, security, speed


6 device options offer unprecedented versatility


Unique duress signalling and alarm trigger capabilities

03 - SIGMA Series 2.PNG

​The SIGMA Range offers functional versatility and includes:

SIGMA Lite Bio:

SIGMA Lite+:


SIGMA Extreme:

small device for fingerprint only (optional smartcard reader).


as above, w/- a 4.5” touchscreen (optional smartcard reader).


optimised for Time & Attendance, w/- a 5” touchscreen.


the ultimate device for harsh environments, w/- a 5” touchscreen

Note: product specifications vary based on the device.

More details on the SIGMA Range:

Diverse conditions:

Anti-fraud capabilities:

Seamless user interface:

Videophone functionality:

Programmable keys:


User capacity:

Transaction capacity:

Storage capacity:

Dimensions (H*W*D):

Device weight:

Contactless reader options:

Use in indoor and outdoor environments (IP65)

Fake fingerprint and face detection options (picture logging)

Intuitive and flexible for easy user experience

Call-in support and surveillance functionality

Up-to 16 programmable function keys

Multi-factor (PIN and BioPIN codes)

Up to 100,000 users, or unlimited w/- Biode software

Up to 1 million transaction logs on device

512MB Flash, 1GB RAM + 8GB MicroSD Card

Lite: 156*68*62; Wide: 153*151*58.5; Ext: 301*142*97

Lite: 280 g; Wide: 470 g; Ext: 1600 g

Prox, iClass, MIFARE MIFARE Plus, DESFire, NFC

Meet the IDEMIA
Morpho Smart Optical (MSO 300)

A compact, robust, and portable fingerprint scanner.

The IDEMIA MSO 300 is a part of a series including five internationally-renowned fingerprint devices that have been graded at the forensic standard. The MSO 300 is a high-end optical sensor that can cover a wide range of applications in commercial, industrial and prison environments.


Compact, robust, and portable fingerprint scanner


Authentication <0.7sec; Identification <0.9sec in 1:1000 mode


Trusted by the FBI with forensic quality fingerprint processing

More details on the Morpho Smart Optical (MSO 300)

Versatile applications:

Fingerprint quality:

Valuable options:

User capacity:

High accuracy:

Performance certifications:

Optical sensor:

Enrolment, authentication, and identification

Accurately scans young, old, and damaged fingers

Smartcard reader, fake finger detection, security features

Up to 5,000 users, or unlimited w/ Biode’s Doorkeeper software

Embedded FIPS 201 and MINEX compliant algorithms


Large fingerprint optical sensor – 23*23 mm

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