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Meet the Hardware

The biometric identification technologies we trust.

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In our space, there is zero margin for error.

Our biometric identity management solutions must be accurate, robust, and dependable – including the range of biometric devices we integrate.


We believe biometric technologies offer the most secure and irrefutable tools for effective identity management, which is why we are committed to bringing these products to the business world.


Future-proof Solutions

When it comes to biometric technology, Biode’s solutions are future-proof and proudly brand-agnostic. Although we have our favourite industry-leading products (shown in the following pages), we can integrate biometric devices from almost any vendor.


Biode offers unparalleled flexibility and peace of mind because our clients are never locked into any single hardware provider or biometric modality.


Discover world-leading biometric identification technology:

The choice is yours!

Fingerprint Solutions

Iris Solutions

Facial Recognition Solutions

Biode's Kiosk Solutions

More Hardware Integrations

Speak with a biometric expert.

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