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ASIAL Security Exhibition

It was an incredible experience for the Biode team to showcase world-leading biometrics at the ASIAL Security Exhibition + Conference in Sydney!

While exhibiting alongside an impressive array of global companies, Biode shone a spotlight on biometric identity management in the commercial environment – and judging by how visitors engaged with the stand, it appears the message was well received.

It was a great privilege to introduce businesses to the power of biometrics to help protect their people and assets. Our goal was to provide a practical and interactive demonstration of how embedding biometrics into the heart of your business workflows strengthens your business ecosystem… and the feedback we have enjoyed suggests we nailed it.

Thank you

  • to all the staff and collaborators who made our exhibit stand so epic;

  • to all the visitors and guests who engaged with our biometric technology; and

  • to all the global company reps who praised the work Biode is doing to bring the power of biometrics to businesses across Australia.

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