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Biometrics for Business?

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

When you think of 'biometrics', what comes to mind?

Chances are, you will associate 'biometrics' with security, border control, and forensics, or perplexing social questions such as privacy and big brother.

Although there is no doubt biometrics is a powerful security tool, we see massive potential for biometric technology to contribute to the profitability and efficiency of Australian businesses.

Have you ever considered BIOMETRICS IN BUSINESS?

Have you ever considered biometric technology as a business management tool that will contribute to your competitive advantage in the market?

Your business is a complex ecosystem of operational activities that work together to achieve a shared objective – delivering a profit to shareholders! Success in business demands accurate and secure management of people and assets to ensure your company operates to its maximum potential.

The question is, how will biometrics strengthen your business ecosystem?

Well, here are 10.5 ways biometrics will do precisely that:

1. Time and Attendance

Let's start at the top - T&A management is a fundamental function of every business that has the potential to erode profits every day. How? Simply put, manual T&A and Payroll systems are inaccurate and can be easily manipulated. Even minor inaccuracies in T&A data can lead to massive payroll losses for big businesses.

Time and attendance entries, when verified by biometrics, ensure timestamps are precise, irrefutable, and are allocated to staff correctly. Furthermore, biometric solutions in T&A mitigate timesheet and bundy fraud, as well as eliminate laborious, manual data entry that is often rife with errors.

As a result, using biometrics in T&A management empowers businesses to record accurate timesheets, protect payroll data integrity, and appropriately compensate staff.

2. Access (ingress & egress)

3. Key Management

4. Asset and Inventory Management

5. Cards, Passwords & PINS

6. Visitor Management

7. Muster Reports

8. Data Management

9. Rostering

10. HRM & Compliance

10.5. Biometrics in real-world Business

So, Biometrics for Business? More than just a security tool?

While the day-to-day landscape and application of biometrics will be different for every business, injecting biometrics into the business ecosystem offers many benefits to all organisations.

Consider biometrics as a tool - a tool for security, yes, but also to efficiently manage high volumes of organisational activity with ultra accuracy - contributing to a more profitable and scalable business.

Meet Biode

We are driven by a deep desire to lead the biometric identity management industry in our quest to protect and manage people and physical assets. Organisations have trusted our biometric identity management solutions for the past two decades, and we are just getting started.


Success in business demands accurate and secure management of people and assets to ensure your company operates to its full potential. Be empowered by the irrefutable nature of biometrically enabled business systems, as it helps you solve a range of business problems and gives your managers complete peace of mind.


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